Washroom Supplies

Consumables often represent the largest chunk of your janitorial budget. Let us show you how to get the most for your money with products suited to your specific needs and budget limitations.

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For MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet), visit the manufacturer's website.

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Kruger Products

Kruger is a 100% Canadian company that produces a broad selection of Eco-Logo certified products for the Away-From-Home market. Check out the Utlimate Washroom dispensing sytem here.

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Ralston Inc.

Ralston manufacturers a wide range of conventional, degradable and compostable garbage bags for the commercial/industrial marketplace.

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Deb Canada

A world leader in the production of skincare products and dispensing systems, including hand and body washes, protective skincare products, sunscreen, and industrial hand cleansers.

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KCS Plastics of Langley, BC, began its business in 1991 as a supplier of monolayer HDPE blown film. At first a supplier of loose-pack garbage bags in five sizes, KCS has thrived and grown with a single monolayer blown film line and two bag-making machines and has designed its way into the high-tech multilayer markets.